Techno Repair Co.

These are the website updates

  1. 17/05/2012
  2. 20/05/2012
  3. 29/05/2012
  4. 02/06/2012
  5. 24/06/2012
  6. 08/08/2014
  7. 24/12/2014


The template was finally changed from the christmas themed (however the santa cutout image was removed prior).
The header and footer bars now represent network cables, the top one being compliance 568A and the bottom compliance 568B
The font sizes, colours, background colours and the images have been modified for a blue and white layout.
Work has commenced on a different template for each season/event etc, incl. different advertising images.


It has been acknowledged that the font in the header for the various pages was unreadable, this has been adjusted to a larger size
Some of the spacing had to be changed in accordance with this.
A title for the guarantees has now been made, with a link to the terms and conditions in regards to them
The guarantee that a service is "same day or free, if booked before **" has been changed from before 10am, to before 9am
The pages "Terms and conditions" and "Privacy Policy" have been published, although they are still a work in progress
The facebook page has been re-enabled


Made the header and footer network cable half height so text is more readable


Added the terms and conditions page for the free service. Added a link to the google+ site.


Added referal page to the website and now the Booking site is linked in with the main site.


Changed the theme to Spring, including the new spring web-page and updated images.


Updated the about us page, updated terms and conditions based on service area expanding to Sydney Wide


Updated the prices based on 2015 pricing, updated to current terms and conditions, restored General colour scheme