Techno Repair Co.
Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before making claims.

  1. Guarantee Conditions
  2. Terms of sale
  3. Public Liability
  4. Free Service
  5. Privacy Policy

Guarantee Conditions

  1. competitive prices
  2. no obligation free quotes
  3. free calls
  4. low rate call out Sydney Wide
  5. first hour free
  6. 24hr repair service guarantee
  7. 50% discount for seniors

competitive prices

The comparison quote will have to be provided as a written quote and must be from an authenticated Australian Business that is registered with ASIC. Thereafter we will issue a credit of 10% on the current service.

Free Calls

Free calls can be made early til late, 7 days a week to 1800-TECH-CO, which works out to be 1800-8324-26. This number is free from landlines, however may incur extra fees from Mobile Phones (some providers don't charge; check with your provider).

no obligation free quotes

A quote will be provided, and there is no obligation to go through with it, however it is only valid for 1 week from date of quote.

first hour free

First hour of labour is free. Call out charge still applies as below. First hour is also free for next service after referral.

low rate call out Sydney wide

A call out charge is the cost to drive out to your house. Techno Repair Co. does home callouts mostly, rather then you having to drop the computer off to us.
A flat rate of $30 applies Sydney wide. This is also charged as per current First hour free offer.

24hr repair service guarantee

If your laptop or PC cannot be mended on the premises, then it is guaranteed to be repaired in 24hrs from pickup to delivery.
This will cover anything from Hardware replacement to Virus scanning and computer cleanup.
There are some instances where parts require ordering in, which may take extended time and will update accordingly.

50% discount for seniors

50% discount off the standard rate. This excludes parts; which are provided at a great price.

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Terms of Sale

  1. Profit margins
  2. Warranty
  3. Guarantee

Profit margins

At techno Repair Co. the customer comes first.
When we acquire computer parts on your behalf:

  • We strive to find the lowest cost
  • With minimal mark up
  • We need to cover fuel/delivery costs in this
  • It is still cheaper then retail

Warranty & Guarantee

Warranty and Guarantee are two very similar terms. The difference shall clearly be stated. A warranty is an actual written agreement that if anything was to go wrong with a part, it would be replaced. A guarantee is explained in the below section.


All parts acquired through Techno Repair Co. carry with them a warranty. This can range from 1 to 3 years depending on the product. When an item is 3 years warranty by the manufacturer, we will not hold this back from you and charge you an extra cost to attain the extra warranty which is already included. All computers sold through Techno Repair Co. carry a 3 year warranty by default. There are however a few items within the computer build which do not carry this warranty and these are clearly stated. Shall anything go wrong with the computer, a replacement part will be supplied at no extra cost (when under warranty).


Guarantee is when an item is expected to last for 5 years, it would be guaranteed to work for 5 years. There is no replacement for this, there is no refund for a guarantee. It just tells you that the product is of good quality and built to last for the said time. We guarantee all work done, for 3 months. During this time, if anything were to go wrong, we would come and help you with the problem, either over the phone or in person.

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Public Liability

  1. Insurance Policy
  2. Public Events
  3. Service Liability
  4. OH&S Policies
    • Safety
    • Equipment
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • In Emergencies
  5. Guarantee

Insurance Policy

Currently attaining Public Liability insurance, no public events planned as of yet.

Public Events

In the event that a public event is to be held, as per usual, everyone is responsible for their safety. The insurance policy covers any damages caused by said event.

Service Liability

When your computer is serviced, we are liable for the information on the computer, your privacy is respected as outlined in the "privacy policy". For instance, if this information was to get lost, we would be liable for re-obtaining this information. If your computer becomes faulty due to our neglagance, you will receive compensation. If it cannot be proved that it was our fault, then there is no case.

OH&S Policies

These state the general Occupational Health and Safety practices which are performed by Techno Repair Co.


We are concerned for your safety and our own and will do the utmost to make sure that no-one is harmed. Computers can carry an electric charge, so before working the power must be unplugged. If you require, the cables can be tidied up to ensure that no-one trips on them.


We ensure to carry the correct safety equipment at all times. While working on computers, anti-static wrist straps must be worn (this also prevents the components from getting shocked). When dusting, dust masks must be worn. Whilst operating the air compressor, the power must be off and unplugged before attempting to add any attachments.

Preventative Maintenance

Before disaster occurs, the first step is to prevent it. Tie all cables together so that they do not pose a potential tripping hazard. Dust the computer regularly to ensure that it does not overheat and create a fire hazard.

In Emergencies

If safety is compromised and someone is hurt, then the ambulance service must be called first with 000. Then assist the injured person.


We guarantee to follow these policies precisely and maintain safety at all times.

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